Exploring Caffè Latte Art

Although I am not a coffee drinker my wife is.  As part of the morning routine of getting the my girls to school, I usually make her a coffee.  Recently I’ve started taking inspiration from the last bit of froth that gets added and have started getting artistic.

The coffee is made using a Stove Top Expresso Maker topped with frothed milk from a Manual Glass Milk Frother.  As the milk is poured into the coffee the last bit usually ends up something like a random shape like a cloud.  From there you look for inspiration. Then armed with a chopstick and the remaining foam, you can build something interesting.  Included below are a couple of my better pieces. 

The Butterfly

The first is a butterfly – two blobs beside each other.  Pull the antenna out with the chopstick, and pull the edges of the wings in.

The Snowman

3 Blobs, then dip the chopstick into the coffee colored froth and make the shape.

Further Art

I couldn’t find much information about this more artistic approach of Caffe Latte art.  In Italy it appears as though the art is in the pouring of the froth over the espresso.  I’m doing it with home equipment, so don’t even approach the skill of the people at the following link that do things like ferns, hearts and so on.  Some of the examples are below.

If you’ve created some interesting Caffe Latte art, drop a comment in below.


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